Interesting Facts about Odoo

1. The unique name reflects their heritage. If you think Odoo suggests a name, it's probably because they chose it to represent your Belgian company's heritage. Of course, there are other advantages. The name is so characteristic that it is easy to remember. In fact, the name itself has become one of the company's best marketing strategies.
2. They specialize in all types of business software. Are you looking for something to help you better manage your inventory? Maybe you have your list and your receipts, but your customer service software is a mess. On the other hand, you may find it difficult to learn about the footage. One thing that sets this company apart from its existing competitors is that they have software that can help with all of this. Instead of buying multiple programs from different companies, you can just get one program from these people that will help you manage almost every aspect of your business, no matter how complex they may seem at first glance. They most likely have something they can help you with.
3. They want to see small businesses succeed. This is a company that wants businesses of all sizes to thrive. They understand that small businesses that don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in a single enterprise are actually the small backbone of almost any economy. That's why they work hard to help businesses of this size succeed, knowing how important it is to each region's local economy to help small businesses achieve their goals.
4. Millions of companies have already ordered it. In fact, their software is currently used by over 8 million customers. However, it's also a testament to Odoo's success and its commitment to helping small businesses thrive. The fact that they achieved this goal speaks volumes for their commitment to the business, but more importantly, the people behind it.
5. The company has made millions of dollars using an open source model. Their system is set up in such a way that 80% of their services are available to any business owner who wants them, absolutely free. In addition, they charge a nominal fee to access the remaining 20% of services. Customers don't need to pay extra to get full access, so they can get everything they need with the free software.
6. Regardless, with good company, there is always room for improvement. The day any company begins to believe that nothing can be improved, that is the real trouble.
7. One of the many things business owners love about Odoo is that their software runs fast. Most small businesses don't have time to do something that requires a lot of work.
8. They offer customized products for each user. Although their products are not custom made, they can be tailored to each user. One of the advantages of the software offered by Odoo is that it is not so specialized that it can only be used for one or two types of business. Instead, software can be downloaded and then tailored to specific businesses. This can be done in a number of ways, allowing business owners to decide how best to achieve their goals.
9. This software may be integrated with other companies' software or services. It offers the flexibility to seamlessly integrate with third-party software or services, allowing companies to optimize their operations and leverage existing systems.
Their software is constantly being improved. Odoo is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. They regularly release updates and improvements to their software, ensuring users have access to the latest features and technologies.
10. They have over 40 apps in their core software. One of Odoo's key differentiators is the wide variety available in the basic software package. With over 40 applications, companies often find that their needs are fully met with Odoo's comprehensive suite of applications. However, for those who require additional features, Odoo also offers a wide range of specialized products to meet specific business requirements.
11. Their system can be scaled according to your needs. An important advantage of Odoo is its scalability. Whether you are a small business run by a few people or a large enterprise with complex needs, Odoo can adapt and grow with your business. This flexibility allows businesses to start small and gradually expand, ensuring that the software remains a valuable asset as the company grows.
    In summary, Odoo stands out for its seamless integration capabilities, continuous software development, a wide range of core software capabilities, and stability to accommodate business of varying sizes and requirements.

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