CRM is your customer relationship management.

Principles of CRM systems:
- availability of a single information repository, from which all information about all cases of interaction with the client is available at any time;
- synchronization of management of multiple interaction channels;
- constant analysis of collected information about customers and making appropriate organizational decisions — for example, "sorting" customers based on their importance to the company.

  Odoo - simple management of the client base:

  • Automation of the process of communication with the client and sales;

  •  Easy process of creating a customer card;

  • Effective contact with the client;

  • High-quality customer service thanks to a clear interface;

  • Fast fulfillment of orders for customers

Odoo is about creating new events and newsletters.

  • Sending letters by e-mail;

  • Creation of new events: trainings, promotions, raffles.